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Restoring the Needy

Overseeing the operation of Breath of Life, the Restore Trust was originally setup in 2009 in response to the growing need in Buffalo City, South Africa. The heart behind the Trust is restoration of those in need, developing innovative responses to social problems which treat the people of our city with dignity and respect.

The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s most desperate provinces, the second most populous in the country and the poorest in terms of monthly expenditure. Given the economic situation the social effects of poverty are widespread and the need for broad based social programs, with and without local government support, is great. Over the past 14 years, we have had the honour of overseeing a number of projects which have made a difference in the Buffalo City area.

The Restore Trust has grown quickly, and the growth of Breath of Life has led to further opportunities at local hospitals and schools.

What is Breath of Life?

Breath of Life is an initiative of the Restore Trust. Their two focus areas are the support of women dealing with crisis pregnancies and providing immediate refuge for babies that have been abandoned in Buffalo City.

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